Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FS: Red Honda Estillo '92

'92 Estillo

Almost fully restored! Estillo seperti baru (80%)

- Barang Genuine OEM Honda baru!
1. Kaca depan
2. Karet2, lis kaca
3. Wiper
4. Engine freshly overhauled (Brand new packing, water pump, seal kruk as, seal2 laen2, etc)
5. Tuas transmisi baru (all gears went buttery smooth)

- Mods (all are brand new, 3 months old)
1. Full Turbo Kit (intercooler, BOV, tuned by Sigma Speed, etc) made 180hp on the dyno 0.5bar
2. Titanium Exhaust (2kg)
3. PnP and 3 angle valve job cyinder head
4. Exedy racing clutch
5. Koyo Racing aluminium radiator

1. Fresh red paint by Brilliant
2. Crystal headlamps
3. Custom Lip
4. Rep. Spoon side mirror (powered)
5. Perfection Clear all kaca film

1. Rep.Sparco seat
2. Boost and oil temp gauge
3. Custom Roll Bar
4. Full red interior
5. AVT headunit (mp3, USB, CD, DVD, etc)

Wheels and suspension:
1. Monroe shocks
2. Rep. 17" Bronze Volks Racing TE37 wrapped in ban 195/40/17 accelera

Harga: 130JT
Call: 0811-85-1918 !!

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