Sunday, September 13, 2009

(NEW) JVC GZ-X900 (Garansi Distributor 1 Thn Service & Spare Part)


JVC GZ-X900 = 10.250.000

Real 9 megapixel stills and full HD video

Simply capturing the moment is not enough. To give that moment a sense of realism, quality plays a decisive role. Everio X allows you to take real 9 megapixel still images that will make beautiful photos and enlargements, as well as Full HD 1920 x 1080 video that let their visual power shine through on any HDTV display. At the heart of the camera's superior image quality is the world's first 10.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. The high quality 9 megapixel digital still photos the camera shoots correlate directly to the un-interpolated performance of this CMOS sensor and Bayer array RGB color filter. For the first time ever, the 10.3 megapixel CMOS sensor is the source of 1920 x 1080/60i Full HD AVCHD format video. The camera records at a stunning 1000 TV lines of horizontal resolution — close to the theoretical maximum of 1920 x 1080 Full HD.
Steady now with Optical Image Stabilization

JVC's new proprietary optical image stabilization (OIS) system applies camera shake compensation optically using prism technology at the lens entrance to ensure effectiveness throughout the zoom range. Everio X uses a new KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS with a 5x optical zoom, and magnifies up to 8x without any picture degradation thanks to Dynamic Zoom technology.
Continuous still shots

Once-in-a-lifetime moments are happening all the time, and Everio X offers the high-speed recording capabilities to maximize your chances of capturing them. Shoot rapid-fire stills the way professional photographers do. And shoot ultra-slow motion to take a closer look at what can happen in the wink of an eye. Everio X offers high-speed shooting, similar to 5 mega continuous stills the motor drive function found in some mechanical still cameras. Up to eleven 5.3 megapixel stills can be shot at 60 frames per second (fps). A great way to capture fast-paced action in high quality digital still images. For continuous stills with even higher image quality, you can also shoot as many as six non-interpolated 9 megapixel stills at up to 15 fps, a speed that rivals or surpasses what's offered by typical 9 megapixel DSLR cameras.
High-speed recording for ultra-slow motion playback

High-speed recording mode shoots ultra-slow motion video to capture dynamic movement that is not visible to the naked eye. It's an effective tool for sports technique analysis and nature studies. Any one of three speeds can be selected; the faster the recording speed, the slower the playback motion.
Easy operation and convenient features

In addition to offering high quality and a variety of innovative shooting functions, Everio X makes it all more useful and accessible with its user-friendly controls and behind-the-scenes support technologies. For starters, faster touch operation allows zooming and recording using either the Laser Touch or standard zoom lever and REC button. Browsing through indexes and menu selection is easy as ever. A unified control dial allows instantaneous access to various camera, video, and special effects shooting functions. Face Detection Technology detects up to 16 faces then accurately adjusts the focus and exposure for sharp, beautiful images. For quick 1-second startups, just open the LCD and the power turns on while the lens cover automatically opens. Close the LCD to power off and the lens cover closes, too. And at last, an included Everio Dock makes for convenient docking for easy viewing, charging, and sharing.
One Touch features

Shooting is only part of the fun. Your special memories can be shared with the world, or carried around with you, with one-touch ease. Archiving your footage on discs that maintain all the original quality is equally simple. The One Touch Upload function, when used with the included software for Windows®, simplifies uploading videos to YouTube™. Simply connect Everio X to a PC using the provided USB cable, and press "UPLOAD". The software launches automatically, converts the footage file and uploads it to YouTube. A One Touch Export function provided by bundled software for Windows makes it easy to export videos into iTunes for playback on an iPod® or iPhone®. Simply connect Everio X to a PC using the provided USB cable, and press "EXPORT". The software launches automatically, converts the footage file and imports it into your iTunes library.
Easy DVD Creation

With Everio, archiving your videos onto disc is also simple. Use a PC or optional SHARE STATION® DVD Burner, and you can burn DVDs from Everio's recordings. You can archive your Full HD video files on DVD discs (AVCHD DVD) and Blu-ray discs.
PC Friendly: Everio MediaBrowser included

Everio's bundled PC software provides everything from file playback, management, simple editing, as well as Everio's "share and carry" functions, within a single application. Calendar type graphical interface displays thumbnail images of your recorded videos and stills, superimposed on the date they were taken. You can easily switch between "Daily" and "Show all" displays. For easy playback, just double-click on the scene you want to view, and playback starts. Full-screen viewing and simple cut editing are also possible. A decomotion setting lets you add eyecatching moving frames to the videos when uploading to YouTube. Now you can show off your memories with an added touch of originality.
Provided accessories

AC power adapter, rechargeable battery pack (BN-VF908), AV cable, USB cable, component video cable, remote control, Everio dock, hand strap, software CD-ROM.

Credit Service
AEON Finance

1. Minimum nilai pembiayaan sebesar Rp. 750.000,-.
2. WNI dengan usia minimal 21 tahun, atau sudah menikah dan mempunyai penghasilan tetap, lama bekerja minimal 6 bulan pada pekerjaan sekarang.
3. Berdomisili dan bekerja di dalam wilayah Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi.
4. Mengisi Formulir Aplikasi Kredit.
5. Melengkapi dokumen persyaratan, yaitu : fotocopy KTP, fotocopy kartu kredit (bagi yang memiliki), slip gaji asli (bulan terakhir) atau fotocopy rekening koran 3 bulan terakhir.
6. Biaya adminstrasi Rp. 50.000,-.
7. Lama waktu persetujuan kredit: 1 - 2 hari.
8. Bunga yang ditetapkan bervariasi sesuai dengan program yang berlaku.
9. Persyaratan lain berlaku sesuai dengan program promosi.

Cara Hitung Angsuran/bulan
Harga barang x bunga x jangka waktu + harga barang + adm(50.000)
jangka waktu
Harga barang 750.000 s/d 2.999.999

bunga 2,75%

Harga barang 3.000.000 s/d 5.999.999

bunga 2,5%

Harga barang 6.000.000 keatas

bunga 1,95%

contoh : harga barang 2.500.000, tenor 15 bulan
Rp. 2.500.000 x 2,75% x 15 + Rp. 2.500.000 + adm(50.000)
hasil 238.750
angsuran ke 2 s/d 15 Rp. 238.000
angsuran ke 1 Rp 750 x 15 + 238.000 = Rp. 249.250


Mangga Dua Mall LT. 2 No. 49 G

Kontak Yopie
HP : 083890007223
Toko : 02162303854

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